Why yaks?

What you have read on other sites regarding the easy keeping has proven true to us.

Yaks eat a lot less and require less handling than cattle, give them food and water and they are happy to stay at home. We run a single 16 gauge electric fence wire around our fields along with the original 3 or 4 strand barbed wire fences and have no issue.

The opportunity is here for you to get in on the ground floor of the next big exotic meat trend. Yak Meat is much like traditional beef in taste and looks; unlike the other exotic meat trends Yak Meat is here to stay.

Marketing of your yak products is only limited by your imagination. In addition to the yak meat there are hides, hair, sculls, horns, bones and any thing else you can think of to build your clientele (i.e., Yak dung has been used for heating for thousands of years, find a way!)

Yaks are considered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as an exotic animal and are “not subject to the permit or the surveillance process for BSE” as a result, do not require a CCIA RF tag to be installed and therefore are not considered to contain any “BSE specified risk material”. Your abattoir is free to return any yak parts you request.

Yak meat needs more exposure to increase its market share and one way to accomplish this is to expand the breeder base.

If you are interested in raising unique easy keeping livestock for fun or profit or just wish to be different from your neighbours give us a call, we can yak Yak!

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