Yak Meat Order - SOLD OUT

We offer Yak meat by the cut, government inspected, frozen, vacuum packed portions. Selection includes:

  • Ground Meat - SOLD OUT
  • Ribs - SOLD OUT
  • Kabobs and Stir-fry Strips - SOLD OUT
  • Roasts - SOLD OUT
  • Round steaks and roasts - SOLD OUT
  • Sirloin steaks and roasts - SOLD OUT
  • BBQ Steaks - SOLD OUT
  • Sausages - SOLD OUT

Yak Meat Samplers - SOLD OUT

Unsure? We offer a sampler pack including a quality roast, steaks, kabobs, ground meat and sausage.

  • Sampler pack -  $100 - SOLD OUT
  • Taster pack -  $50 - SOLD OUT


"Well I have to hand it to you, I really enjoyed the first batch of yak; the strip loins especially! So I've attached an order form for some more because as you said, its bbq season. Plus I had a few converts who absolutely loved their samples and couldn't wait for more!"

- Cole C, Calgary


Thanks for sending in the kababs with Shannon.   We are stocking up our freezer for the arrival of our baby, who will love yak I am sure! 

- Lesley K, Calgary


Hello Ken & Shannon:

Thank you so much for welcoming John and I to your farm yesterday.  It was good to meet you both face to face and to visit our dinner.    We had the T Bone steaks last night - very delicious - and tender.  My son was over - and took home a package of the hamburger - he also is a convert.  

You have new customers - so we'll let you know when we'rerunning low.

- Bev P. Calgary





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